Post Op — Week 9 and 10

Hello again

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last update and there’s very little that has changed. Back to work on full hours hasn’t been a problem, occasionally there’s been the odd twinge but the routine has gone fairly well. Things to improve are that I need to fit in a bit of exercise — slightly earlier start and I can walk to work which would be good, and I need to stop finishing late (it’s a bad habit I’ve slipped into too easily) so I can have more than a scrap of the evening left.

I had a little break from the routine on the 17th as I had my follow-up appointment with Mr Thomas in Brighton in the afternoon. Just really amounted to a quick chat, a brief examination and being handed the paperwork needed for my gender recognition certificate – in all no more than 20 minutes and everything seemed fine to Mr Thomas.  The weather in the afternoon was appalling with multiple accidents on the road ahead of us, so in all we had 7 hours of driving for this 20 minute appointment. I’m glad we decided to stop for lunch at The Juggs in Lewes which is just 12 minutes from the Nuffiield Hospital by car – the food is excellent, possibly the best beef burger I have eaten and the setting is very lovely as you can see.

I didn’t waste any time getting the last bit of my GRC form completed and sent that with the cheque for £140 by special delivery along with all the proofs requested. On a very positive note I received a confirmation from the GRC panel the very next day – obviously the legal wheels work a lot more efficiently than the NHS, so hopefully I’ll have further news on this soon.

So now a little bit about sex – don’t worry I’m not going into graphic detail about my sex life – I think some things do need to be kept private. Penetrative sex is quite different from dilation and is definitely a lot more comfortable and pleasant but significantly less controlled. I had a bit of bleeding from sex – probably looked worse than it was with the lubricant spreading it further, and luckily we didn’t get any on the bed sheets. There was a little blood from dilation the following day, and a bit more discomfort but very little so nothing to panic about and just taken it easy again. Like a lot of the recovery it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you – in this case I’m guessing it was don’t be in such a rush.

A week of sleep, dilate, work, dilate again and back to sleep would be a fair summary of most of the week up to the bank holiday and pretty dull reading too, thankfully this weekend we’ve been to Birmingham Pride which went fantastically. Having the plastic tub prepared with everything I needed for dilation etc made it easy to get ready, if making my bags a little heavier than previously for just a few days away. Tip number one for anyone – don’t go to any Brittania hotel unless it’s a last resort  (it pretty much was for us as we were booking late) – it seems like they are all very run down and tired. Tip number two is do get VIP tickets as you’ll have a great time and being able to get so up close and personal to the entertainment makes it totally worthwhile. As evidence here’s a picture of some of us with Charlotte Church.

It’s incredible but in the last 3 years I lived more than in the preceding 40ish years (you can’t expect a girl to tell you her real age) and with luck there is so much more to come.

As always thanks for reading

Stacy xx

— 30 May, 2017

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