Week 8

Welcome again to another quick update

Saturday was the first night I’d made it out for our MyT night event, and it was great to see a few familiar faces at the Barley Mow.  They had a drag act on which I’m not normally keen on but the performance of Brenda LaBeau was really very good. Still a little sensitive to some moves, but dancing the night away afterwards was definitely achievable with a little care.

Sunday after a little late start felt pretty good and I decided to go swimming – something I’d been looking forward to for some time. Other than the odd time on holiday I’ve not been swimming since transitioning and I was very obviously out of shape,  but it was really very satisfying to be able to start swimming again.

I decided to start back at work on Monday, but only half days so I could fit in the 2pm dilation comfortably. This has meant it’s now a 6am start to my day so I can get the dilation in before getting ready. It’s not too bad, and with the good preparation in the spare room I can get on pretty well.  So far the set-up below I find the best. There’s been a few odd tweaks along the way which I should explain. Getting slippery fingers with lube when handling anything is annoying, so having paper towels on hand is a must or it goes everywhere. Kitchen towels are really a bit big normally so I’ve been cutting them in half for wiping off the stents and in between wipes — you do need the full size for laying the used stents on and I have a fresh towel for the cleaned stents before I start. When dilating there can be a bit of fluid discharge when dilating and I do put a bit of kitchen towel under me, but the Tena pad and baby changing mat add extra protection, because I really don’t want to mess up the bed. My dressing table stool happens to be at the perfect height and it’s got space for a cup of tea in the morning (it’s a little awkward to drink but manageable).

Glad to be back in the swing of things, but Wednesday and Thursday I had quite a bad cold (Sasha had it too) so was feeling really tired by the end of the week. Kept things nice and light this weekend and feeling fully refreshed for the full 9-5 this coming Monday.

Thanks for reading

Stacy xx

— 14 May, 2017

3 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. Hi Stacy. I am glad to see your moving on with things and you look great by the way but I was wondering if I could quiz you on a few things. I have my opp in 2 weeks on the 7th, did you find out the best kitchen towel for softness and about the breast augmentation do you feel better having done that at the same time.

    wishing you well
    love Gail xx

    • Hi Gail
      Thanks for reading and your comment. The kitchen towel I’ve been using is Tesco own brand but not the value range.Plenty is a little better but there’s not a hot in it.
      Having breast augmentation at the same time was definitely the right choice for me. Essentially the main part of your recovery is done in the hospital – I had reasonable breast development so I had over muscle implants which is easier. I think if you have under muscle that could be much harder.

      I hope that answers your questions and good luck for your operation.

      Stacy ×

      • Hi Stacey
        Thanks for the info and yes it has helped. I’ll have to start saving for the breast implants or get myself a small loan, that will have to be next year.

        Best wish’s
        Gail xx

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