Post OP – week 7

Welcome to this week’s short update:

So the hen night was  a good easy night – I didn’t go for the full night club part as still trying to take it a bit easier after the last time of over doing it. The bruising has gone down over the last week and the dilation has gotten a bit easier again (though the first one of the day is still always the hardest). There doesn’t appear to be any more stitching left so I think that means I’m through the worst of it and  probably infection is quite unlikely at this stage. Also this week I have run out of the hibi-scrub I was given by the hospital to use so that part of the wash process is now done – I’d probably stretched out the hibi-scrub a little as I’d been using the anti-bacterial soap for the cleaning of the dilators.

So after weeks of managing the routine, finally realised there was a slightly better way of managing the washing of my new vagina than I’d previously been using (mainly using the shower held low or a fairly shallow bath). Now for the midday / evening I have a very shallow bath (the hot tap is running for only a minute or so fully open) and I’m using the small pot that I had been using with the hibiscrub to pour water just over the area I need to clean. There’s a lot less splashing and tidying involved and it’s helping with my ankles (my eczema has been playing up a little with all the extra washing drying my skin) – should really have thought of this earlier, but probably distracted at the start because a decent shallow bath completely covering the lower half was quite relieving after dilation. I’m still sticking with 3 times per day for this week and next week so it’s still taking a fair hunk out of my day.

Thursday after Sasha left for her regular trip into Luton, I went into work for a short while to see how things were going and to get ready for working half days next week (That’s my choice by the way, Fujifilm have been really good and have not pressured me at all to return). Everyone seemed to be getting on just fine without me (maybe a little bit too well in fact), and so should be pretty smooth really. I did get a little stressed towards the end of my visit as it got to 1:30 and was struggling a bit to leave for my afternoon dilation and still hadn’t had any lunch, but in the end worked out OK if a little bit later than planned (a little bit odd for me as I’m not usually one to get stressed of exact timings). Of course when I do go to work next week it’s going to need to be a case of early to  bed and early to rise so I can fit in getting ready. My other bit of planning that needs some work is that I do want to fit swimming back into my life – bought a cheap costume from Tesco which fits pretty well, and will definitely get a little in next week (I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in the morning before work like I used to before transitioning – I’ll be dilating twice per day for at least 6 months). On more thing to do now is get back to facial hair electrolysis — I hadn’t quite finished it last year, but switched to concentrating on electrolysis of the surgical area once I had my initial consultation for surgery.

Thinking about it I realise I haven’t explained about this pre-op preparation. Basically March last year Mr Thomas assessed me for surgery and concluded that as I had been circumcised he would need to use my scrotal tissue for part of the surgery to get a vaginal depth of greater than 2.5 inches. In a penile inversion (the only form of GRS that Mr Thomas performs [there is an alternative procedure carried out elsewhere which takes longer]) basically hair on the outside would end up as hair on the inside which can lead to significant problems (think how hair tangles and you’ll have the idea). There are two approaches to fix this, the 1st option was to use the scrotum as a skin graft, in which the blood supply would be stripped effectively killing the hair follicles in the process. Mr Thomas advised that this had a 90% success rate, but if it failed I would ultimately end up with the 2.5 inch depth at best, alternatively a better approach would be for me to have electrolysis to remove the hair and keep the blood supply intact. I chose to have the electrolysis  and while it delayed my surgery for about a year I think it was the right decision for me.

I think I’ll leave there after that little trip down memory lane, so as always thanks for reading.

Stacy xx


— 6 May, 2017

2 thoughts on “Post OP – week 7

  1. Glad it seems to be going well for you hon.
    Thanks for the explanation re the electro downstairs, and the options. I hope Dr Thomas’s opinion overrules Timmins, who flatly refused to refer for electro.
    Looks like you’re slowly getting back into the swing of things…
    N x

    • Hi Nicola
      I believe the decision for need for electrolysis of the surgical site is the decision of the surgeon and not the GIC. If your penis is large enough and you’ve not been circumcised then electrolysis will not be necessary, and as the NHS is so cash strapped I doubt any GIC would give permission for electrolysis before surgical assessment except in the most obvious cases of need. I didn’t start electrolysis of that area until after my assessment by Mr Thomas.
      I hope you don’t need electrolysis as this will allow the operation to proceed more quickly.
      Stacy x

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