Post OP week 6

So since I last wrote the dilation was getting a bit more painful and on Thursday evening I could see obvious bruising between my vagina and anus (where the stitching was pulled). Very obviously I’d overdone it over the weekend and was still suffering the consequences. Friday morning (and mostly ┬áthe whole of this week dilation was more painful than previously. I think in part it’s also that everything tightens as it heals and also the muscle spasms after dilation seem to be a bit stronger (and again more painful). Overall was significant enough for me to call the hospital to check and get some advise, which basically turned into me being told off for over doing it and advised that I may have slowed my recovery a little and must take it easy.

I’ve pretty much followed the advise for this week, with only the odd walk and bit of shopping thrown into the mix. To be honest with the dilation still proving more difficult and at 3 times a day I haven’t really felt like doing much at all. It’s the mid recovery slump with a touch of depression which probably means most of the healing is done – there was actually a warning about this in one of the letters I had and I recall it said to focus on the things you are looking forward to like swimming and buying underwear (interestingly they did kind of read my mind on that one as swimming I have especially missed since transitioning).

So now’s the time to make plans and properly sort myself out – this weekend there’s a hen party Sasha and I are going to so that should be fun — don’t worry I’ll not be hitting the dance floor this time, but really what I want to do is build my routine that I’ll use for when I’m back at work. Probably around the end of next week I’ll be switching to dilating just twice a day (definitely not quite ready yet) and then I should be able to have a full normal day to get on and probably back to work thereafter.

Nice and short again this week, but only to be expected from here on out.

Thank you for reading

Stacy xx

— 27 April, 2017

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