Post OP week 5

Well it’s that time again and I’m happy to report it’s all still going well.

Easter has simply flown by this year we’ve had our friends over again for the weekend and somehow managed to fit everything in without too much disruption. Friday I got quite drunk and was really very emotional. It probably is also in part to having restarted the hormones again which can have quite a dramatic effect as well as the long absence of alcohol before the operation. One of my personal hang ups that I’ve not yet resolved is to forgive myself for persistently denying who I was for the best part of 40 years – and after a few drinks it all came flooding out again. Luckily having good friends looking out for me really helps and it didn’t spoil the evening in any way.

Saturday was very good and I managed to get a reasonably early start fitting in around the girls and we were already for the day around 10:30. Shopping was fun and got a a few items that would make good combinations followed by lunch (I stayed off the drink this time). Then my usual rush back for dilation etc and got through in pretty good time to make it back out to meet them again in town. We headed back in time for me to start the routine again a little early and the girls were getting changed for the evening. I managed to get in a bit of dancing and fun and lasted until about midnight – was feeling a little tired and quite sore, so left the girls to continue with the night. When I got back I did a quick check and sure enough I’d pulled a couple of stitches (again not too bad) and did a little tidy up with the scissors which left me a little more comfortable. Soon I was off to sleep until the girls got back at 3am, a quick tea with them then straight back to the land of nod.

Sunday I’m very glad we took it quite easy and Sasha prepared an excellent Sunday lunch for all of us, so the afternoon was just really snacking and watching films. Monday we were out for breakfast again and then sorting out for the departure of Jenny and Paula (Justine left the day before as she had the long drive back to Bristol), a quick trip to Dunstable to drop off Paula and then back again for the afternoon session. Re-organising the spare room so I could use it again for my dilation took a little while as did re-organising my clothes and wardrobe. Was very tired after the long weekend and went straight to sleep.

Early start on Tuesday so I could get to the doctor for repeat prescriptions (down to 5 tubes of Optilube and not keen to run out), started dilation at 6:00 and made it to the doctors at 8:45 so did really well (It’s a 15 minute walk from here – at least at my current pace). Unfortunately was very busy there (and a locum rather than Sarah my GP) and was almost 2 hours before I was seen so most of the morning was wiped out and so was I. Did get my prescription into the chemists and bought a pre-payment prescription certificate (should work out cheaper for now) before having lunch with Sasha back at the flat. After the dilation in the afternoon I went straight to sleep on the sofa – in fact was really tired for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well that night, kept waking up throughout the night and so understandably was a little late starting out on Wednesday.

I did run a few errands in the morning on Wednesday and picked up my prescription medication so at least that was done, but was really quite irritable and tired throughout the day. For some reason finding dilating more uncomfortable this week and seem to be much more sore on my left side – maybe over the weekend rushing things a bit hasn’t helped. Poor Sasha put up with my bad mood with good grace and really made me feel much better by the end of the day. Thank goodness managed pretty much a full night’s sleep, but didn’t set the alarm so another slow start to the morning again on Thursday.

Today I’ve just been pottering around the flat (Sasha’s regular day trip to Luton) and taking it easier. Still dilation making me curse a little today but at least slightly better. Hopefully tonight’s last session will be good.

Thanks for reading

Stacy xx

— 20 April, 2017

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