Post op week 4

Hello again.

It’s been a week since my last post and as hoped not very exciting and much more routine. I suppose the first thing to note is that my sleeping has been pretty intermittent it’s about 50-50 at the moment if I sleep all through the night -it’s the odd electric/stabbing pains that keeps waking me and there’s not really much I can do about it. It’s a good sign though as it means the nerves are re-connecting properly, an another sign of this is that the unreachable itch seems to have disappeared.

Made it out a couple of times on Saturday, once for lunch at The Standard and then later in the early evening to for a drink with our good friends. Of course I’m having to do the Cinderella impression so I can get back for the dilation sessions and not quite ready for partying the night away yet or comfortably sitting on stools – perched on on edge seems to be about the best.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day and Sasha was a tiny bit worse for wear after I left her for the evening with our very good friends. It didn’t stop her from preparing a lovely fried breakfast, but the bright sunlight was a bit much for her to take so I went for a walk down by the river for a few hours. I very lucky (well not entirely luck as some planning on my part was involved) to be living in the town centre of this beautiful riverside town (not everyone sees it that way). It also seemed that there were a lot of races and time trials on the river that day and even the geese seemed quite taken in.

I also bumped into Jo, who went through the operation a few weeks before me and seems to be doing quite well, so the walk became a bit more extended as she fed the swans the length of the river (well from town centre to boating lake and back). The afternoon session as a consequence was a little more sore than normal as I’d split the skin again a little, but really quite worth it. I did sleep well that night as well.

Monday I got ready pretty early and paid a visit to work  and caught up a little, which was really great. I have some truly excellent and supportive friends at work and it makes having that some much easier for any recovery. I pretty much stayed the morning getting in the way, but it felt very good and it was nice to surprise a few people.

Tuesday I got another early start in and did a little catching up with work emails – not much has been left for me as the team have been covering everything extremely well (hope they still need me!) so mainly just a bit of filing (which is actually a good thing for me to get on with). After lunch and the afternoon session paid a quick visit to my solicitor (also a very short walk away) to get my statutory declaration witnessed in preparation for getting my gender recognition certificate. Although I have been Stacy full time since end of March 2014, for the purpose of evidence I’m going with the later date (August) for when my name change took place. Basically in December 2013 I’d booked a holiday and they wanted an extra couple of hundred pounds to change my name on the plane tickets and then after I got back there were a few European visits I had to make for work so wasn’t ready to change my passport details immediately.  Just a few minutes and that was done and only cost £5, so pretty much all set once I get the letter from my follow up appointment.

Wednesday didn’t start so well as I’d slept poorly again, at least now that I’m back on the oestrogen the hot flushes have already calmed down. Still managed to get out late morning and get my hair done (not really up to doing too much) – one downside of the local salon is the wooden seats in the waiting area and I wasn’t able to get comfortable, some towels helped but fortunately it wasn’t long before I was in the proper chair. After that I was pretty much crashed out for the day, which is probably what I needed.

Today Sasha skipped the usual trip to Luton and we instead went to Tesco for the weekly shop together (also to get some bits in for when our friends turn up this weekend). It was a lot more painful going about the shop today than I expected, possibly it’s the stop start nature of walking around the supermarket that made it worse and also some more stabbing pains thrown in on top as well. Still a successful trip and Sasha really did all the heavy lifting so made it as easy as possible for me.

So overall a good week and going a bit better than I expected by this stage.

Thanks for reading

Stacy x


— 13 April, 2017

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