Days 20 – 22 post op

Welcome back to another posting — don’t worry this one will be quite short and I’ll leave it for a week as the key things are going to stay nice and boring (hopefully).

Monday and Tuesday were pretty unremarkable other than the arrival of the new bed (which definitely helps). I did call work in the afternoon on Tuesday to let them know I was doing well and to find out how things were going, and almost immediately after fell straight to sleep for a couple of hours. It’s quite easy to underestimate how tired I get at the moment, a big part is that my sleep is pretty erratic at the moment (being woken by stabbing pains as nerves reconnect, or having twisted uncomfortably in the night), and the rest of the routine.

Wednesday was the day I was looking forward to – firstly I could start back on the oestrogen and secondly I would no longer be house bound.  I probably took my time getting ready a bit more than usual, as Sasha pointed out it’s really been 3 weeks since I’d seen the outside world and I wanted to be ready properly. I didn’t go far – we live in the centre of town so there are lots of shops on our door step but had a very nice wander for a couple of hours before lunch with Sasha back at the flat. That was probably enough for my first day out and was a little bit sore, especially when going to the toilet so obviously had pulled slightly on a tear, but totally worth it. Stayed nice and relaxed for the rest of the day (well as relaxed as you can do when having to dilate twice more  in the day).

Slept continuously from midnight to 6:30 which is something of a record at the moment so was feeling quite good today. Thursday is Sasha’s regular trip to Luton so let her get on in the bathroom before I started on my first hibi-scrub clean of the day so maybe a  little late but with the new bed in the spare room it’s a little easier getting the rest done so I was finished up just before 10am (no make-up done at that stage) and had breakfast (Sasha had already left by then). Tidied up a little and did my makeup so I could go out for a pub lunch at The Standard which is just a short walk to the high street. All too soon had to return home for the second session of the day, but that’s the way it has to be for a little while. Did a little trimming of some of the loose stitches and the horrible plastic ones that were poking me this time (they can be very annoying when they get like that)

I hadn’t mentioned it before in previous blogs but I have been downloading and going through the forms for getting a gender recognition certificate, so over the next few days will work on the details — Looks like I need to get another statutory declaration done so will need to arrange an appointment with the solicitor again. I’m a little surprised how much evidence that seems to be required so I’ll have to pull quite a few papers together, but I won’t be able to complete until after my follow-up appointment with the hospital in May.

I’ll sign off for now and as I said at the start will probably not post again until next week.

Thanks for reading

Stacy x

— 6 April, 2017

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