Days 17 – 19 post op

Didn’t sleep too well on Friday and did go for some pain relief to help. Saturday is the day for our MyT Night event and Sasha got off to an early start getting the weekly shopping and the food needed for the event. The first dilation of the day almost always seems the hardest and also the one where my bladder control is at it’s weakest (even with going to the toilet first), but went well and had a nice shower, ready to face the day by 10.  Helped a little bit with the shopping — bending is still very uncomfortable and not recommended to lift more than 2Kg (not taking the latter too literally)  — I’m also a bit more careful getting out of the chair as this can pull a bit and hurt.

Lunchtime sorted myself out an omelette while Sasha went into town for a pub lunch, a few of our friends were arriving later for the event and would be staying overnight. Onto the afternoon and got on with 2nd session of the day and this time no leakage so all good. Thorough clean and then got on with the food prep for the evening – snacky bits in the oven and a few trays of sandwiches. The Sasha and the girls made it in just after 5 and in an excellent mood with drinks and catching up. I must have been having a bit of a hot flush (still not back on the hormones so a little like menopause) as Paula mentioned I seemed hot when we hugged each other.

It’s quite obvious talking to them I haven’t been fully clear on describing some of the terms I’ve been using so I’ll prepare a little glossary of terms to go with this – silly things like describing a dilator (or stent) mine are glass and about 8 inches (19cm) in total length, the smaller is about an inch (2.5cm) and diameter and the larger one an inch and a half (3.8 cm).  Had a a glass of wine with them and they did the perfect thing and brought chocolate (is that too cliche?) — I figure I’m alright for the odd drink now. Our event starts at 7:30 so Sasha and Sammi left just a little before with the food I prepared. 3 T-girls preparing for a night out can take quite a bit of time especially when sharing a bedroom – wasn’t until just before 9 they were ready to leave for the pub. So my evening session was a little late starting at 9pm, but went really well (maybe the wine helped me relax a bit more) and was done by just after 10, but absolutely shattered. Went straight to bed and was out like a light. I did wake up at around 2 and was drifting a bit before they came in (a little early for these party girls) and had a little drink (squash this time) with them before going back to bed.

Sunday morning went surprising smoothly, 5 girls all sharing one bathroom and I was still able to get my hibi-scrub clean, dilation, wash and douche done by 10am. Said goodbye to Paula (she’s the one with the hat in the picture) — our local star of radio and TV, recently she stood up to some stupid bullies (abuse, threats of violence and intimidation) and won her day in court. She was off to the football in Wembley straight after the pub breakfast they would all be abandoning me for (still did my own fry up so not quite missing out) so I wouldn’t see her again that day. Jenny and Justine (Justine on the right of the picture)  came back after breakfast and a little bit staggered farewell, Justine was pretty much packed and ready to go, had a few more bits to sort out first.

After a light lunch back onto the afternoon routine – one thing became very clear in the the washing stage, my clitoris is definitely working and has good sensation. A bit surprised to be honest as in the discharge information it says this can take up to 18 months.  Also a bit more of a split at the base of my vagina, hopefully keeping it as clean and as dry as possible will help (definitely stings when I pee though)

Sunday evening was marked with a little more pain but still manageable with just paracetamol. Before I went into hospital I got enough in for 8 tablets per day over the two weeks of being house bound, I’ve used nothing like that quantity and only 4 of the codeine which are stronger. Mostly I find I need the pain relief in the evening and at night to help me to get to sleep, during the day it’s more of a constant nagging that I can tolerate. Slept through the night reasonably well and again had to give Sasha a slight nudge (very slight) so I could get moving for the day — new new bed should be arriving tomorrow – buying it from a more reputable source so shouldn’t be a problem this time.

Afternoon saw a bit more blood, looks almost like a blood blister where the split I mentioned earlier has burst. Held some pressure on it with some tissue and quickly stopped, but definitely feeling a little sore.

Thanks for reading

Stacy xx


— 3 April, 2017

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