Laser Hair Removal

In the early stages of male to female transition laser hair removal can be useful for clearing  a large area of dark hair from the face. It's very important if you choose this route to select a reputable clinic which will not cause burn damage and will use the correct equipment to give permanent results. Laser treatment can clear a large area in a treatment session more quickly than electrolysis and is slightly cheaper. Laser treatment however cannot treat any white hair and in my expierence you can be left with difficult to cover burnt stubble  a day or two after treatment (hair does not fall out immediately after treatment).  It should also be noted that the darker your skin colour is the greater the risk of skin damage and irritaion there is.

There are two places I can recommend for treatment in Bedford and these are the Laser Skin Spa  which is based in Biddenham and the Three Counties Laser and Skin Clinic based in Bedford South Wing Hospital. (see links below)

Personally I have seen Bindy at the Laser Skin Spa for treatment and she is very professional and her rates are very competitive - not too mention she has been independently recommended by other friends and my doctor.

Although I have not had treatment at the Three Counties Laser and Skin Clinic I now of several people treated there who have all had good results and being based in Bedford Hospital has properly trained staff you can trust. Also Bedford Hospital is listed as an official NHS England hair remoaval provider so you should be able to get funding for up to 8 treatments as per the interim gender dysphoria protocol.



Almost certainly even if you choose laser hair removal initially you will need electrolysis for the final clear up and it is a very reliable method of hair removal many people will choose from the outset. Again it is very important to find a good technician who is well trained and with the right equipment - it's definiitely best to find some registered with the BIAE and if you are to receive funding from the NHS for hair removal then membership of the BIAE will be required.

Electolysis is well established, proven and is 100% effective for all skin types. The bad news is that it takes a methodical approach that is much slower than laser treatment to treat a large area and requires you to allow some hair growth before treatment (enough for the electrologist to see and pull with tweezers). Also initially it's best to get treated at least once a week for around an hour at a time (depending on hair density this may only treat a small area) and will typically cost around £60 per hour.

Does it hurt? - Well yes but my personal experience it's not really any more than laser treatment (though the difference is my full face could be treated in about 30 minutes) and it can be greatly dimished for the most sensitive areas with use of Emlar cream available at any pharmacy.


So where in Bedford? Currently I'm receiving treatment from Sarah Thomas at Beauty Lodge, based in Putnoe. As per the advice above she is fully qualiified, BIAE registered and very professional and friendly. Now an official hair removal provider by NHS England East Midlands . 

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NHS England (East Midlands)

Below are attachments detailing for getting funding for hair removal and the quotation sheet to be completed by the hair removal  provider. Also attached is the form to be completed to be registered as an approved hair removal provider.